zy00880 初一英语下同步讲解贾巍9

发布时间: 2020-05-30

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zy00880 初一英语下同步讲解贾巍9


——/乐学巴士/初中阶段/七年级/初一英语同步教学视频(MP4+word)/zy00880 初一英语下同步讲解贾巍9/

├──01 Can you play the guitar.mp4  120.36M

├──02  What time do you go to school.mp4  139.14M

├──03  How do you get to school.mp4  121.27M

├──04 Don't eat in class.mp4  121.67M

├──05  why do you like pandas.mp4  124.05M

├──06  I am watching TV.mp4  121.17M

├──07 it's raining.mp4  115.18M

├──08 is there post office near here.mp4  114.90M

├──09  What does he look like He looks like a million dollars..mp4  119.70M

├──10  I'd like some noddles or instant noodles.mp4  131.04M

├──11 How was your school trip?.mp4  130.40M

├──12 what did you do last week.mp4  134.94M

├──13 Revise for the mid-exam Get ready for the exam.mp4  128.23M

└──14  review of units 7-12 Get ready for the fina exam.mp4  121.45M